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Prepare for demand with data-driven and dynamic sales and labor forecasts
Reduce labor costs with's easy optimized schedule builder
Keep staff and management in sync with schedule updates on the go
Understand inventory needed for the busiest days with less waste in between
Automate reporting that saves hours of manual work and creates visibility

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" significantly dropped payroll for our 17 restaurants by about 300 basis points. Annualized, we should see a 1.1-1.3 million dollar savings."
— Michael SchattenDirector of Operations of Carrot Express
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"After a few months of watching the sales forecasting we noticed that was within 2% or 3% of actual sales.”
— JP BimlerTraining and Development Manager of Cabo Bob’s
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Features that Streamline Restaurant Operations

Whether you’re looking to optimize your day-to-day operations or expand your business,’s powerful suite of features provides you with everything you need to succeed in the modern restaurant industry.

Sales and Labor ForecastingPredictive analytics generates hourly, daily, and weekly sales forecasts to help you confidently make informed decisions.
SchedulingUse real-time data to create the most efficient and cost-effective schedules possible, automating much of the scheduling process.
CommunicationKeep your team happy and informed by allowing them to submit and view their schedules, request time off, swap shifts, and more with approval.
ReportingGain valuable insights about your businesses operations, look for growth opportunities, and more with detailed reports. logo

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