Simplifying complex demand challenges for restaurants using AI-powered sales forecasting. is an easy-to-use sales, demand and menu item forecasting software with automated scheduling features for restaurants that harnesses the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

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Automate and standardize processes

Demand forecasting & automated scheduling features for restaurants’s simple AI forecasting software will replace all the manual estimating and demand planning. Make accurate predictions about restaurant demand, sales, and labor, and schedule your restaurant staff according to these predictions.

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Detailed restaurant sales predictions

Generate hourly, daily, and weekly sales forecasts with unprecedented accuracy thanks to predictive analytics. The unique algorithm behind our restaurant sales forecasting software is always learning, identifying patterns, and taking in information for even better future forecasts.

Better restaurant labor planning

Our restaurant labor forecasting software arms you with solid insights so you can know what to expect at each location and shift. Reduce under- and overstaffed shifts by having the right people at the right time to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Built-in restaurant shift scheduling

Keep your best people happy with balanced shift scheduling. Help avoid employee burnout, optimize shifts, and reduce the odds of overworking staff with AI-powered restaurant scheduling software.

Integrations for more seamless operations

Connect your existing systems using one of our integrations. Integrating your point of sale (POS) systems allows you to access historical sales and real-time data to feed’s machine learning for continuously improved forecasting.

Dynamic forecasts with actionable insights

Check-in on forecasts whenever you want using the real-time sales dashboard. If any variable changes, such as an event cancellation, adjusts automatically so managers can quickly see the anticipated impact on sales and shift plans.

Improve employee communication

Eliminate the need for employees to come to work on their day off just to check the schedule. Empower your team to access their schedules anytime and stay in the loop with the employee app. They can submit and view their schedule, request time off, swap shifts, and more.

What’s automated forecasting software can do for restaurants

Confidence that you’re staffed properly
Know that you have the right amount of food and staff on hand with’s algorithm that pulls in data such as nearby events, weather forecasts, geographic updates, past sales data, and more.
Increase restaurant efficiency & profitability’s machine learning software gets even more accurate over time. When you optimize labor and food costs for every shift, you can continue delivering superior service every time.
Optimize restaurant staff schedules’s built-in labor scheduler removes guesswork so that general managers (GMs) can line up staffing for the exact hours needed. Employees can submit their availability through the user-friendly mobile app for more streamlined scheduling.
An investment worth making

See how using pays off

When you use’s AI-powered forecasting and automated scheduling to manage labor costs as a percentage of sales, it pays for itself. But it doesn’t stop there. can help you set and reach target labor percentages, leading to significant cost savings for your restaurants (one customer saved over $1 million/year.)

Use our easy ROI calculator to compare your current labor cost percentage to your ideal and see how much you can save with Simply enter your information, choose a plan, and watch work its magic.

Calculate your ROI in secondsEnter your current information and goals below for an estimated return on investment with
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Proven accuracy you can count on’s AI-powered, accurate restaurant forecasting means you can make more informed decisions that can increase efficiency and profitability.


more accurate than traditional forecasting methods
POWERFUL BENEFITS demand forecasting improves workflows

Use the power of easily repeatable processes to drive repeat business and future sales while increasing employee happiness and retention.

Gives general managers more helpful insight helps take work off a manager’s plate by arming them with useful, accessible insights. Reduce stress and minimize how often they need to pick up the slack with accurate sales forecasts.
Helps executives uncover profitability in razor-thin margins
The future of your restaurant business and the health of your bottom line has never been clearer. helps leadership teams overcome some of the most challenging parts of the restaurant industry, including improving profit margins, maintaining peak efficiency across locations, and reaching revenue goals.
Equip employees with tech-forward scheduling
Employees can submit availability from their phones using our mobile app, receive alerts when the schedule is available, and see if scheduling requests have been approved or denied.
GROWS WITH YOU is built for scale

Our restaurant forecasting software can support a few local spots or thousands of nationwide locations. As your operations grow, so will your efficiency with AI forecasting.

Restaurants with multiple locations
Franchises in the U.S.
Quick-service restaurants
Local and regional restaurant groups
Cafes and coffee shops

We integrate with top restaurant solutions to save you more time

Connect your point-of-sale (POS) or data management software with for seamless forecasting. We’ll work with you to integrate existing systems, or you can check to see if we already have an integration set up.
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doubleknotthirdinverted significantly dropped payroll for our 17 restaurants by about 300 basis points. Annualized, we should see a 1.1-1.3 million dollar savings.
— Michael SchattenDirector of Operations of Carrot Express
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Why restaurants love

After a few months of watching the sales forecasting we noticed that was within 2% or 3% of actual sales.” - JP Bimler, Training and Development Manager at Cabo Bob’s

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skillet Challenge

See how much you can save

Leverage the Challenge to see how much money you could be saving on labor with We simply gather your historical sales data, and we will run our forecasting algortihm to identify accuracy opportunities.

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When you have powerful insight at your fingertips, you can minimize food waste, properly staff your restaurants, and deliver a superior guest experience every time.

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