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Using AI to Support Restaurant Workers, Not Replace Them

As the role of artificial intelligence in the industry continues to grow, smart restaurant owners and managers will find ways to use AI and automation to support their teams, creating new opportunities for revenue and increased efficiency.
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There’s no avoiding the conversation. Interest in artificial intelligence is about as high as it’s ever been. Google searches for ‘artificial intelligence’ are up roughly 375% from this time last year, ChatGPT is captivating the internet, and many of the major tech companies appear to be in an AI-arms race. It’s no surprise that AI is permeating nearly every industry. Combined with automation–and in more advanced cases, with machine learning–AI’s potential for optimization and efficiency gains is massive. 

But what does that mean for people? In a world where doom and gloom isn’t exactly difficult to find, AI’s potential to disrupt human life can often be viewed through a somewhat pessimistic lens. People fear that automating certain tasks will mean fewer jobs for actual people. Some see artificial intelligence as a harbinger of a new era in which people have less of a say in what happens to them and decisions are made based solely on data and algorithms. 

In this whitepaper, we look at how artificial intelligence is already being used in the restaurant industry, where the technology is leading us, and how restaurant owners, managers, IT personnel, COOs, and everything in between can use it to support their teams.

In this whitepaper

  • What Does Artificial Intelligence in the Restaurant Industry Look Like Today?
  • Answering Some Common Misconceptions About AI in Restaurants
  • How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Support Restaurant Workers
  • How to Implement AI and Automation into Your Restaurant to Better Support Your Team

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