Automated Sales Forecasting Software for Restaurants

Take the guesswork — and the hard work — out of sales forecasting. Get a more accurate, automated prediction of restaurant sales with

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Automated sales forecastingReduce your business’s admin work and establish automated forecasting process regardless of location.
Real-time sales dataSee sales updates in real-time and compare them to forecasts so you can make any necessary adjustments.
Dynamic dashboardSee how sales stack up as the day progresses and compare against forecasts to see if you’re on track.
Easy integrationsStrengthen the systems you already use by integrating your existing point-of-sale (POS) system with
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How creates dynamic sales forecasts’s machine learning platform analyzes historical sales data from your point-of-sale (POS) and uses artificial intelligence to accurately forecast sales in your restaurant. Next, the algorithm considers local external factors like weather, events likely to impact your future sales. You get a custom restaurant sales forecast model that can be broken down by location, online and in-store orders, or catering orders.

Your AI- driven sales prediction also gives you custom labor allowances to help you with smarter restaurant employee scheduling. Build your schedule right within the AI-powered sales forecasting tool to help balance your labor costs and sales projections.

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Why you need the best restaurant forecasting solution

From revenue and sales planning in your restaurant to improving customer service and the well-being of your workers, best-in-class sales forecasting software gives your business the tools necessary to thrive.

Confident decision-making
Gain deep visibility into the data to make smarter decisions.’s dynamic sales forecasting software helps you control costs and optimize shifts for profitability. When you’re armed with real-time, actionable data based on the factors that matter to your business, you confidently make the right decisions for profitability, growth, and employee satisfaction.
Operational efficiency & growth
Restaurant sales forecast reports help you either get granular or look at the big picture so you can create strong financial strategies, secure financing, and ensure your business is healthy regardless of its size. Track restaurant sales by location at any time to see if you’re on track with sales targets. See which locations are excelling, target problem areas, and plan a growth strategy.
Happier staff
Matching expected demand keeps you from being short-staffed during busy hours and from having too many staff during slower times. seamlessly translates restaurant sales forecasts into suggested labor by the hour so you can effectively schedule employees, leading to smoother shifts and happier employees (and customers).
accurate sales forecasting in a restaurant

Drive profitability with reliable sales forecasts

Accurate sales projections empower your decision-making so that you can reduce waste and improve profits. You’ll see when you’re approaching your restaurant’s daily capacity and can plan accordingly. Likewise, you can adjust your expectations and reduce waste and shifts when you’re expecting a lull in sales.

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"Right away, I was very impressed with the forecasting capabilities and what could do for restaurants. The forecasting was outstanding, just incredible."
— Michael SchattenDirector of Operations of Carrot Express
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VIDEO predicts within a 5% variance at Cabo Bob’s

See how Cabo Bob’s uses’s forecasting software to efficiently schedule their staff and purchase food based on accurate demand predictions.

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